Fleisher Arts Memorial
2024 Wind Challenge Exhibition Series
Juried by James Britt and Kathleen Eastwood-Riaño

On view Tuesday, February 13 – Saturday, March 9 2024

“Or, I will make the listeners' oral cavities oscillate in such a way that they mentally experience unconditional, all-embracing love.” Vilem Flusser, The Gesture of Listening to Music, pg 116.

Named after the 1981 single by Hi-NRG and Disco producer Patrick Cowley, the show features sound pieces embedded with(in) paper sculptures. The sound pieces were made in collaboration with Lane Timothy Speidel, Jim Strong, and Lena Walker.


Transcendent Mess: To Outwit Representation
Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia PA
Friday, January 5, 2024 - Sunday, February 12, 2024
Curated by Lane Timothy Speidel
Kim Altomare, Mary Henjes, Mountain Pollen, Chenxi Shao, and Molly Thayer

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